Everything you need to know about PHONONET and Acamar

Why should I list my items in PHONONET?
Who is Acamar?
What's special about the German market?

If you want your data to be best represented in PHONONET all you have to do is contact us.


The goal of PHONONET is to simplify and standardize music distribution and sales in order to sink costs and improve market competition.

... is a company founded more than two decades ago on the initiative of various players in the German music industry.
... created and still maintains IT systems for the whole industry.
... created an efficient platform for the exchange of orders and other EDI messages for the entire industry.
... continued to develop and innovate and has expanded to include services such as the Music Promotion Network for radio and print promotion.
Why should I list my items in PHONONET?

PHONONET provides a standard which streamlines business for music retailers in Germany.

Additionally, PHONONET supplies information directly to the largest music retailers in this country and simplifies the ordering process as well as providing its data to online shops such as Amazon and JPC.
Who is Acamar?

Acamar is a data entry and data management company which specializes in various services for the music industry. Its sister company, De-Parcon, develops specialized software solutions and software interfaces for the industry.

Acamar is a service partner of PHONONET. They provide data entry and data management for a variety of PHONONET services. This includes entering the metadata of and taking sound samples from the product as well as scan and photography services for the presentation of products in various platforms.

If your product is part of a limited release then Acamar can still help you add your information to PHONONET without having to send them a physical medium. Acamar also offers cloning services for multiple items with the same content (but different codes), or the ability to deliver data for PHONONET digitally.

In addition to their PHONONET specific services, upon request, Acamar and their partner De-Parcon also offers individual data solutions to labels and distributors such as customized data entry services and software development.

This means if you want your data to be best represented in PHONONET all you have to do is contact our team.

Contact details: info@acamar-service.net or +49 2233 80 41 00

What's special about the German market?

Germany is the third largest music market in the world. Physical sales (CDs & Vinyl) make up about 70% of the market.*

The average age of a music consumer in Germany is 47 years old (higher than in most countries)* and their music tastes are varied and include rock and pop as well as schlager music and folk music.

*All facts according to the IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry) http://www.ifpi.org/germany.php (Last accessed on 28/9/2016)
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