Good business starts with good data.
Our services for music companies
PHONONET catalogue data entry without additional costs for PHONONET participants. Track data, sound and cover input.
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MPN & ARD-Schallarchiv
Entry for the Musik Promotion Network and the ARD-Schallarchiv. Track data, sound and cover input.
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Further collection societies
Recording registration with the PPL UK.
Recording registration with the SCPP France.

Our services for sheet music publishers
Editorial service for publishers to register products in the International database for printed music and musical products.
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Allocation of the International Standard Music Number for Germany, Austria, Switzerland.
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Scan services
Full and partial digitization of sheet music or other printed editions. Generation of sample pages.
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Data processing — Data entry — Data logistics — Quality control

The maintenance and management of data are tasks that are often underestimated.

Data entry is just the first step of the process. The controlling, coordination, storage and delivery of data are at least as important.

Let us take care of all of this for you!

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