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Do you lack professional images of your products?

Do you want to digitize your sheet music editions or other printed items?

Scan service cover and example pages

For the ideal presentation of your products and catalogues, the IDNV offers publishers, in addition to a large number of possible entries, the possibility to display cover and example pages. Do you already take advantage of the complete presentation possiblities when presenting your catalogue in the IDNV?

We offer you a comprehensive carefree package service which includes the scanning and import of your cover and example pages:

  • Non-destructive technique for winning precise images of your sheet music editions and music books
  • Conversion into the required preview formats (100, 300 and 600 pixels)
  • Import and assignment of your media files into the IDNV system
  • Reshipment of processed editions upon request

Find out more on how you can save time, labour and resources and how to complete your catalogue data as quickly as possible: Data sheet scan service (German version)

Scan service complete digitization of printed sheet music

The digitization of printed sheet music ‐ this topic is increasingly becoming the focus, particularly in regards to, to the new technological possibilities for the digital sales which suppliers have at their disposal with AODP. Acamar offers you professional and affordable services to prepare your printed editions for sale as a digital item.

If you have any questions regarding the complete digitization of printed sheet music or would like to receive an individual quote, please don't hesitate to contact our team at any time.

Contact details: oder +49 2233 80 41 00

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