The IDNV is the official database of the sheet music industry. Notable publishers and sheet music retailers are connected to each other as part of this business network.

We take care of the daily editorial checks and the provision of all incoming catalogue data.

Editorial services for sheet music publishers

The IDNV is a comprehensive, up-to-date, and reliable database containing the catalogue data for sheet music and musical products. As a joint project and the official database of the sheet music industry, the IDNV is an unbeatable system for information, customer advisory services and ordering for all industry participants - publishers, retailers as well as libraries.

We maintain the IDNV editorially and thus, guarantee that all incoming original data from the sheet music publishers is published for all IDNV users according to the norms and standards of the IDNV system.

Moreover, we offer a specialized data entry service for sheet music publishers. This service includes the entry and processing of the complete item and single item data according to IDNV standards.

You need to send a larger amount of new items, changes or price changes to the IDNV system - but you do not have the time or the man power to cope with it? We would be pleased to support you with the reliable and favourable conditions you already know.

Scan service for sheet music editions and books

Additionally, with our high performance document scanners, we scan sheet music and books on music and make the images available directly in the IDNV. If you are interested in learning more about our scan services, please drop us a line at and we will be happy to advise you.

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